RWN had a productive and happy 2015. The threat to our independence and autonomy which had hung over us since 2013 was lifted. In Dec 2014 DCELG agreed that the work of NCCWN and the 17 women’s networks did not fall under the new SICAP programme and that NCCWN work was more appropriately placed under the Department of Justice and Equality for the purpose of funding and vision.  This was the first year since 2010 that our core budget was not cut, having sustained approx. 35% cuts over the previous 5 years.  In 2015 we experienced a growing demand for our supports and a need for additional supports for families and young people in the area.

RWN are on the journey to full compliance with the Corporate Governance Code. A sub group consisting of staff and board members was established to finalise this process in 2015.    The RWN AGM was held on 7th October 2015



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