There are no numbers or figures that can quantify the work that is done by RWN, not when the work is in a hundred small immeasurable things.  Numbers of workshop attendees can be counted, measured, but cups of tea and moments of human kindness can change a life just as readily.  For a qualitative account of our work, you can download our recent case studies.

We could tell you stories of women who have changed their lives with our support, but we’d rather let them tell you their own stories.  All quotations are genuine, from testimonials we have received, but we’ve omitted the names of the women for reasons of privacy.


Some of the testimonials were compiled for us by an outside researcher with qualifications in Youth and Family Studies.  Upon completing her analysis, she had this to note —

On a personal note, I must commend you, your staff and your organisation I have worked with and for a number of youth organisations and charities in the past. I have a Degree in Youth and Family studies and am currently doing a research master.

In all my time and with all my experience, I have come into contact with only one other organisation that impacts on the lives of others in such a positive way as yours does.

The results of the analysis show that the most important themes overall were, Support, Skills, Empowerment, Long term impacts and being non-judgmental. I feel that these are very fair representation of what RWN offers, and that is truly remarkable.


“In Roscommon, the only place (Roscommon Women’s Network) you can feel accepted and not racial, feel comfortable.…Fetac course tutor telling me I would not make it because of my English, RWN said to turn negatives into positives and I could do it, not judging”

“I was a person with no self-confidence or self-esteem, now I can stand up for myself”

(RWN) “Always give you a future”

“Personally the RWN have done a lot for me too and especially Nora has taught me not to let the little unimportant things wear you down… [it] has made me see the lighter side of life again which was something I was missing.”

“Because I knew more about myself do you know ya and that helped me and I did the steps course as well it am built up myself, when we were going through the whole course it was my self-esteem was built up by chatting with people and chatting with the tutor she was great, she was lovely”

“I was empowered I was ya, in merchandising I have to be confident myself, I have to go different stores all the time meeting people that I don’t know and I could do it you know because I was more empowered than I used to be”

“I know some people who work there even voluntarily they are brilliant you can always look in there and chat to people do ya know you always, they are not your friends they are strangers really but you always feel very comfortable with them, they are very friendly”

“I would actually advise my friends to go, she was in bad situation, her ex-boyfriend was going to take her child and she had a case in court and then her aunt was very sick she had cancer so she was in a bad state, so I advised her go to Roscommon women’s network they can help you with advice”

“I was looking for some help, there I met Maria she actually was a teacher on a business course I was doing, ya and she told me about Roscommon Women’s Network and then I could go to that course how is called personal development and that helped me a lot”

“If I am having a bad day I can just come over and say Is it alright if I have a coffee, I don’t have to say anything it’s a place that’s here for everyone”

“I have the support if I fall back if I go back to not wanting to live not wanting to be myself or a person who I am supposed to be if I fall off that track I can come in here and have a chat and for the last 4 or 5 years it’s been that way that I can come in here and for whatever mood I’m in they always have time to sit down and just say how you doin and its like that for everybody”

“they turned me around they were here to support me”

“It took these four walls and the women that run it to help me see for myself that I am who I’m supposed to be regardless of my past it didn’t create me the bad the drugs leaving my kids it didn’t create who I am now…without these four walls like I wouldn’t have survived”

“People should be shut down, thinking oh my god she is a drug addict or lost her kids, they should be shut down from me but they weren’t they were very open they were very, eh not wanting to know my life story but just seeing me as a woman, that’s how coming in here felt that for the first time in all of my life and I’m 36 now…nobody seen me people would just literally walk through me no one seen me at all no one heard me but when I came in here they seen me, I felt like a connection so the more I came back and they got to know me and have a laugh I didn’t feel judged or if they were laughing AT me you know I just enjoyed their company”

“coming in here I didn’t have to hide things I was accepted, they listened and understand and there was still no judgement no facial expressions no judgement”

“It took these four walls and the women that run it to help me see for myself that I am who I’m supposed to be regardless of my past it didn’t create me the bad the drugs leaving my kids it didn’t create who I am now…without these four walls like I wouldn’t have survived”

“I know that there is a person I can go and sit down someone who believed in me and didn’t judge me looks at me like a woman and a person and a mother but first as a person”

“Never felt like a label never judged me”

“somehow for an organisation for women it went further than that like understanding and love and acceptance”

“Social workers saw it and they still see It…in a big way from there insight into my life they could have a negative view or a positive view you know a mother on her own with 3(children) they could be having a negative view of that and saying oh well are you sure you are doing ok but I’ve had where my case was closed and only reopened for support you know and they have supplied support for me…so they were able to help me down that road….they supported me they would trust here so that if these people here if the women here had respect for me and had trust in me it would come across in their eyes”