DSC_6995“What makes the Roscommon Women’s Network CDP unique is that we connect with women on an individual basis. The women’s needs directly determine our work. Our work supports and empowers them and this is the means by which they develop, network and change their lives.”

EqualityThe Roscommon Women’s Network is committed to promoting equal opportunities and highlighting practices and procedures that lead to social discrimination. We aim to promote equal opportunity as a means of developing the full potential of everyone involved in the organisation and to prevent any form of discrimination in all areas of our work i.e. the recruitment and employment of employees, the involvement of volunteers and in working with all committees and users of our service.

Empowerment: Roscommon Women’s Network (RWN) CDP will empower and build the skills of women from local communities to develop and manage projects, take up leadership roles and engage in innovative collective action.  RWN CDP will seek to develop a collective response to community needs.

Confidentiality: All clients, course attendees, staff and board members using Roscommon Women’s Network CDP facilities must maintain the confidentiality and security of information discussed within group meetings, courses or management meetings.

The staff and Voluntary Management Committee members of Roscommon Women’s Network CDP have signed a confidentiality agreement, a copy of which is available on request.

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